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USA Internship Program 
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The USA INTERNSHIP Program is designed mainly for Non-U.S. citizens who wish to intern in the United States for 2-18 months on a J-1 Visa. (U.S. citizens may utilize our services but the placement fee is the same - no visa is necessary)

We can find your host company AND arrange sponsorship of your J-1 visa through our licensed partners

Most of our placements are in New York City and the surrounding vicinity.  We have a placement coordinator in Manhattan who will find you an assignment or you may find a host company on your own and we can simply facilitate you getting a visa.  Most of our applicants use our placement service.  

Our placements are tailored and customized specifically to you as the applicant.  While we have a limited list (see table below) of available internships for you to choose from... for the most part, our interns apply to our "Custom Internship" and we shop your CV/ Resume around to different companies and organizations until we find one that offers you a position.  Internships are generally unpaid.

There is a fee for finding you a placement and a separate fee for the visa paperwork and processing.  (See the fee section)  The process usually takes 90-120 days from the time we (or you) secure a host company placement.

Here are a few companies we work with: PLACEMENT EXAMPLES

(*Note: International applicants must earn a degree OUTSIDE of the USA to be eligible or should look at OPT (Optional Practical Training) - Contact our office at 1-941-375-2223 for more information.)

USA Internship Programs
Program Location
Custom Internship in NYC Brand-new assignment in New York City
Self-Placement: J-1 Visa Sponsorship ONLY You find a company, we arrange your visa
Field Specific Internship - open positions Various - Companies with open positions now
Architecture Internship New York City, NY or Las Angeles, CA
Arts & Marketing Internship San Francisco, CA
Arts Management Internship Seattle, WA
Business, Communications, Travel & Tourism Internship Las Vegas, NV
Business Development Internship Atlanta, GA
Communications Internship Bala Cynwyd, PA or Berkeley, CA
Communications Internship - Mandarin, Cantonese & Japanese Speakers NEEDED Orlando, FL or NYC, NY
Culinary Internship New York City, NY
Event Planning Internship Honolulu, HI
Facilities Management Internship Estes, Colorado
Fashion Internship New York City, NY
Field Specific Internships - NOW AVAILABLE Various -More companies with open positions
Fashion Merchandising Internship San Francisco, CA
Graphic Design Internship Santa Monica, CA
International Relations Internship Washington, DC
Law/ Legal Internship Washington, DC or Los Angeles, CA or Chicago, IL or Philadelphia, PA or Miami, FL
Marketing & Design Internship New York, NY
Marketing Internship Seattle, WA or Jefferson City, MO
Promotions Internship Bala Cynwyd, PA
Public Affairs Internship Bala Cynwyd, PA
Public Policy Internship Washington, DC
Purchasing Internship Richmond, CA
Radio Programming Internship Bala Cynwyd, PA
Teaching USA Internship program Various locations
Tourism Management Internship Bel Air, MD
Web Design & Development Internship New York, NY
Web Developer Internship Sarasota, FL
Web Development Internship Bala Cynwyd, PA
Academic Coursework + Internship Programs (New York City)



We do not arrange for housing although we have several housing agencies that we can recommend or you may find your own accommodations with friends or family.  99% of the placements are NOT paid so you must carefully budget for living expenses during your internship period.  You may NOT work a part time job and be paid to help defray your expenses.  Most applicants arrive early before their placement begins and stay in a local hotel while they visit apartments/ shares to sort out where they will be living.  If your funds are limited, then we suggest staying for 2-3 months or for an appropriate time period that you can afford.  You will be allowed to arrive no more than two weeks prior to your start date and you will get a 30 day grace period during which you may remain in the United States for personal travel after the internship has officially finished.

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If you want more than just an internship...we offer 5-week, 6-month and 1-year business courses at the Manhattan Institute of Management.  Intern in one of the most vibrant cities in the USA while working to earn a business certificate or an MBA.