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Australia and New Zealand
Australia Landscape

An internship in Australia or New Zealand presents a rare opportunity to be completely immersed within the culture and work environment down under! Working and learning alongside native Australians and New Zealanders provides a unique insight into the beauty of the culture and customs of the Aussies and Kiwis, as they are affectionately known. In addition, the issues of language will not obstruct the experience for English speakers. The experience of interning in Australia or New Zealand will enrich your professional career in a way that just travel and study alone cannot.

Testimonial - Aus - Joe H.
"I have really learned that being here and doing this on my own, I can really achieve anything and do anything I put my mind to." - Joe H.

"This internship has just been amazing I have honestly learned so much and I am so grateful for being able to have this experience that I mostly wouldn't get otherwise!!! So thank you so much!!!" – Maggie M.