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Israel Internship Program

The 6-month (spring & fall) internship program in Israel is a fantastic opportunity for Hotel, Hospitality, and Culinary students to get experience working in 5-star resorts.  The extremely low-cost program includes excursions, housing, and meals along with a $200 monthly stipend.   Located at the southernmost point in Israel, the resort city of Eilat on the Red Sea is the largest tourist hotspot in Israel. There are over 140 hotels in Eilat; over 60 of them ranked as 5-star hotels (according to TripAdvisor).  Resting along the Red Sea with its rich sea life, coral, and historical desert landmarks, Eilat draws tourists from all over the world looking for fun-in-the-sun and luxury hospitality.  Choose either the hospitality or culinary route and we’ll take care of everything including 5 days of field trips and tours to nearby areas.

Programs Visa
Participants in these programs will be arriving in Israel on student visas only. This is the only visa that will allow them to stay the full duration of the program. It must be made very clear: a student visa in Israel does not give permission to work in Israel – It is not a work permit. If found working outside of the program, the participant will be expelled from the program and sent back to his/her home country.

The processing fee for a student visa to Israel is currently USD$46.