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Intern Spotlight

Meet Flavia, Currently Interning in New York City

What you like most about living in the USA:

I’m loving living in the US because I’m feeling completely immersed in another culture with a totally different way of living. Different concepts of customer service, starting from restaurants and I feel like everything is 24/7. I would probably say that I can so far only tell about living in NYC, which, I have a feeling is completely different from any other city in the country. This feeling of freedom which ranges from the chance to go around by subway 24/7 to shop at any hour to choosing which kind of cousins from any country in the world, just makes me feel like I’m experiencing the whole world by staying in a single city!

What is your favorite part of your internship so far?

The favorite part of my internship is that whenever I have a question, all my supervisors will just reply smiling at me and explaining to me any sort of things. Also, I really like that we all work in an open space so it’s easier to hear about different marketing matters and feel involved. I also really love the fact that there are many international interns which makes it easier to create a group and make friends!

Why did you choose to intern in the USA? 

I wanted to learn on the job about marketing techniques that I’ve been studying books and I consider NYC as the Capital of marketing innovations so I aimed to the best. I’m interested in learning how a big company works, how the marketing department functions and I’ve always liked the American business frame of mind!

Also, the US is such a big country that there’s a lot to discover across the 50 states! I’m traveling as much as I can to discover more and more cities!

A Couple of sentences about yourself and what you are doing in your internship:

I’m Flavia, 24 from Naples, Italy. 

I’ve been studying business administration and then participated in a master's in business internationalization. My focus and experience have always been on marketing and social media marketing. 

Right now I’m on the influencer outreach program at delta children. Together with my colleague, we are selecting everyday new influencer for our products! We pitch them the new products that are about to launch and we take care of the formal agreement. Once they receive the products we collect their feedbacks and enjoy their cute and adorable social posts! I also take care of providing daily and weekly report to the marketing coordinators summing up both my work and my colleagues. 

In addition to this, I take care of creating and updating databases of products, gathering info from our website and our retailers’ ones. I make sure that every day we meet specific goals, I keep an eye on product availability and take new products from the database in case it’s needed. 

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