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Intern Spotlight

Francesca P. Currently Interning in New York City

Since the beginning, the thing that I most loved about living in the USA is the freedom. I feel free to be who I am, do what I like, and enjoy my time feeling that I've got hundreds of possibilities to grow professionally.

My internship is becoming more important than I expected. Apart from the enormous benefits that my professional carreer has gained, my favorite part of this internship are the human relationships. I've found people with a totally different background from mine that I can get very close to nonetheless. They spend their time teaching me their culture, their knowledge, and they also have fun with me, and I've felt like home from the first day. I chose to intern in the USA because I wanted to try something totally different from my past experiences, that looked both very challenging and very exciting at the same time. And it worked.

During my internship hours, I'm taking care of our customers, I'm becoming familiar with the restaurant's menu and I'm improving my management skills watching my tutor at work. Then I'm approaching the beverages area, I'm learning about wine, furniture, vendors, and inventory stuff, and it's all being very stimulating to me. 

Paying for the Experience

Paying to intern abroad can be tough. That's why we've put together resources to help make your dream a reality. Click the button below for more information on how you can pay for your program.