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Coming Home

Reverse Culture Shock: What it Means & How to Adjust

Shockingly enough, many people that become completely immersed in and totally accustomed to their once “foreign” environment find their return home to be similar to their initial shock abroad, minus some of the excitement.  Back home, you will likely compare certain qualities of your original home with those of your former, temporary one. The same tools you used to combat Culture Shock on your trip can be used when adjusting to life at home.

This reversed perspective will allow you to view your original culture and surroundings from a different, more constructively critical point-of-view.  You will find that there are certain things you are grateful for at home, and others that your home culture doesn’t come close in comparison to your experience abroad.  In any case, you will have the ability to maintain certain aspects of both environments and will have expanded your horizons for a long time to come.

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