Applying for your Internship Program

Application Process

Step 1

Complete an application: Click an application button above.

  • Upload required documents (see below)

  • Pay $80 Application Fee

  • Sign Documents

Step 2

Your application is reviewed by International Internships LLC and a decision made.

Step 3

Congrats! You've been accepted. Pay your deposit* and the search for your placement begins.


At this time interviews are arranged. 

* $500 for Non-USA

* $1700 for USA

Step 4

Placement Offer made. It is time to apply for your visa and arrange your housing.

Step 5

Start your internship, travel around the country, enjoy your time abroad!

Required Documents

All Programs

The following documents are required when applying for any program: Copies of the original and official English translations will be required

  • Current CV

  • Cover Letter/Internship Essay describing your goals for your internship, the experience you have already, and how your current skills will help you succeed

  • Photograph: A simple headshot on a neutral background (not required to be professionally taken)

  • Copy of your Passport (this should be valid at least 6 months following the end of your proposed program

  • Copy of Past Visas: If you have been denied or approved for visas in the past to any country, please provide copies of these. If denied, please provide the reasoning

  • Home Country Ties: You will be required to provide proof of your intent to return to your home country. 

    Strong ties differ from country to country, city to city, individual to individual. Some examples of ties can be a job, a house, a family – or if you weren’t born in the country where you are applying – permission for permanent residency in this country. “Ties” are the various aspects of your life that bind you to your country of residence: your possessions, employment, social and family relationships. Each person’s situation is different, and the consular officers are aware of this diversity. During the visa interview they look at each application individually and consider professional, social, cultural and other factors. In cases of younger applicants who may not have had an opportunity to form many ties, consular officers may look at the applicants specific intentions, family situations and long-range plans and prospects within his or her country of residence. Each case is examined individually and is accorded every consideration under the law.

Program Specific Documents

  • Transcripts (Brazil Only): This can be unofficial when applying, however, an official copy will be required before departure for your program.

  • Proof of Student Status (USA & Brazil Only): This is a letter from your university stating you are a current student. It must be on University/College letterhead and be signed and dated by a University official. If you graduated, please provide a copy of your degree certificate.

  • Reference Letters (Australia & USA Only): This is required to prove you have the required experience in order to participate in your internship. Please provide a letter from your employer stating your dates of employment and a brief description of your tasks. This letter must be on company letterhead and be signed and dated by a supervisor

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