Globalize Your Team!

Taking on an International Intern

What does it mean? Why do we do it?

Adding an International Intern to your team is a great way to diversify, build cultural bridges, and gain new perspectives. It also gives you the chance to further someone else's career and teach them the skills to be successful.


Our goal is to provide students and young professionals training in their field of study so they can learn more about U.S. culture, gain hands-on skills, and be able to return home with a better understanding of their field and their place in a global marketplace. 


Read on to find out what is required of you as a Host Organization and how you can advertise your career opportunities.

Requirements to Host a J-1 Intern

  • Have at least 3 full-time employees

  • Not be a home based business

  • Offer a paid or unpaid internship in the field of the applicants’ degree

  • Have them work a minimum of 32 hours per week.

  • Have a current workers compensation insurance policy

Required Documents

  • Training Plan (DS-7002) Must:

  1. State the specific goals and objectives of the training and internship program (for each phase or component, if applicable);

  2. Detail the knowledge, skills, or techniques to be imparted to the trainee or intern (for each phase or component, if applicable); and

  3. Describe the methods of performance evaluation and the supervision for each phase or component, if applicable.

  • Host Organization Agreement

  • Worker’s Compensation Policy: Must cover the internship site and have the address of the internship site listed

The Process to Hosting an International Intern

Step 1:​

The Applicant applies to International Internships.


The applicant is vetted and approved.

Step 2:

We send you resumes to review and you choose whom to interview.

Step 3:
Training Plan

Offer your favorite candidate the position! 


Together we'll draft the training plan and collect the required information from you and the applicant.

Step 4: Sponsorship

Documentation is submitted to the visa sponsor.*

Visa Sponsor will interview both you and the candidate.

Step 5:
Begin Internship

Visa Sponsor approves the applicant. Applicant attends an interview at the Embassy and is approved.

Applicant arrives and begins their internship.

*The Visa Sponsor: A visa sponsor is a private organization in the United States, which is designated by the Department of State to determine an internship/interns eligibility for the J-1 Visa.

The International Internships Difference

International Internships vets candidates and finds the applicants you want. Our knowledgeable staff handles the paperwork and are here to answer your questions from start to finish. 

Want an International Intern? Let us know!

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