Dear Parent,

My name is J.J. Hummon, and I am the Executive Director and founder of the International Internships LLC. Since 2004, our agency has sent hundreds of students abroad to work in a wide variety of fields and gain practical experience.  I call this experiential education and it is, in my estimation, one of the best things your child can do to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace upon graduation.  If you should decide to use our services, you will find that your son or daughter will have first and foremost a safe experience as we have onsite staff in every location to handle an emergency or problem should it arise.  Secondly, they will have an enjoyable and productive internship experience that won't be second rate.  The level of work they will do will be commensurate with their education, experience, and background in their field.

There are many reasons for your son or daughter to intern abroad with International Internships LLC:
Giving your child an edge:
The simple fact is that you or your child is going to spend a lot of money on their college education.  We seldom think about practical experience as an integral part of that education that will ultimately help them be successful in life and their careers.  Allocating a small portion of that tuition bill to an internship abroad will probably be the single most important resume builder you could want for your child.  Experience is what employers want to see. 'What have you done outside of the classroom that relates to your chosen field?'

When I graduated from college with a degree in International Business and Spanish, the single item on my resume that stopped potential employers in their tracks during my interviews and always elicited a question or comment was my marketing internship in Spain.  It coupled all of the elements of my degree in one fell swoop: Business + International + Spanish.  I was a marketing assistant (Business) in southern Spain (International) and the entire internship required me to use my Spanish (Foreign language) skills working for a Spanish company.

Current statistics show that less than 3% of college and university students study abroad.  And, even fewer INTERN abroad!  So, ultimately you’re giving them a skill that will last them a lifetime and show potential employers that your child is the ‘cream of the crop.’  

You are giving them an edge: An international work experience.
I know very well that this is not an inexpensive venture, but neither is a college education. We provide a top quality placement, onsite staff, onsite orientation upon arrival, and basic health insurance.  Housing, airport pickup, and tour packages are all optional add-ons, as is academic credit through our University of Record, Truman State University.
Your daughter or son's safety is of utmost importance to us. In each of our overseas destinations, we provide an onsite coordinator who is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to assist your child in the event of an emergency.  
Moreover, we strive to educate your child about the steps they can take to keep themselves safe.  Our pre-departure orientation materials are designed to instill practical behaviors and to provide common-sense tactics for staying out of dangerous situations.  Ironically, most of these tactics are just as effective in staying safe at home as well as while abroad. Our programs all include the ISIC international student ID card that includes basic medical insurance.

Housing through our agency is optional.  All housing has been vetted personally by our on-site staff and is chosen for its proximity to the location of the internships, its suitability, its amenities, and finally, its affordability.

Please don’t hesitate to call me personally if you wish to discuss anything about the programs.


J.J. Hummon
Executive Director, International Internships LLC

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